Julia Eichelberger


Julia Eichelberger began teaching at the College in 1992 and is currently Marybelle Higgins Howe Professor of Southern Literature. She has taught a variety of courses in American literature, including Southern literature, postwar American poetry, African American literature, 20th-century American fiction, Jewish American literature, and Charleston writers, as well as first-year writing. She is an affiliate faculty member in African American Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies, the director of the interdisciplinary minor in Southern Studies and a member of the Executive Board for the College's Center for Study of Slavery. On sabbatical Fall 2020-Spring 2021.


Ph.D., English, University of North Carolina

Research Interests

  • Literature of the U. S. South
  • 20th-Century American novels
  • Post-1945 American poetry
  • Charleston writers

Courses Taught

ENGL 576: Tell About the South: Welty, Faulkner, and other Writers since 1930

ENGL 341: Literature of the American South

ENGL 207: American Literature to the Present

Recent Publications

“Remembering and Rewriting Gullah Narratives,” introduction to Doctor to the Dead: Grotesque Legends and Folk Tales of Old Charleston, John Bennett (1947), U of SC Press, 2020

 Co-author, with Sarah Fick, Harlan Greene, Ron Menchaca, Bernard Powers. Discovering Our Past: College of Charleston Histories, 250th Anniversary Campus Tour, May 2020.

Remembering Charleston’s Ancestors,” Post and Courier, May 3, 2019

 Teaching the Works of Eudora Welty: Twenty-First Century Approaches. UP of MS, 2018. [Collection of essays I co-edited with Mae Miller Claxton; we wrote “Introduction" and "Resources for Teachers" and I wrote an essay, “Teaching the Art of Welty’s Letters.”]

Charleston Must Own Its Slavery Wrongs If It Hopes to Right Them.” Post and Courier Sept 24, 2018.