Picture of Mike Duvall

J. Michael Duvall

Associate Professor and Associate Chair

Mike Duvall has been a member of the faculty of the College of Charleston since 2005. He teaches and writes about the literature and culture of the United States, with a focus on the 19th century and the early 20th century. His recent teaching has included surveys of American literature; courses in the literature of assimilation and Americanization from the turn of the 20th century; American realism; American regionalism; 19th century African American novels; Mark Twain; first year seminars in race, equity, and inclusion explored through American literature; and first-year writing. His current research interests include literary representations of socialism in American fiction at the turn of the last century and Yan Phou Lee, who wrote When I was a Boy in China, the first book published in the United States by an Asian American.


PhD, American literature, University of Maryland
MA, English, Georgia State University
BS, Psychology, Georgia State University

Research Interests

  • 19th & early 20th century American literature and culture
  • American literary regionalism, realism, and naturalism
  • Literature of assimilation and Americanization
  • Social reform literature

Recent Publications

“Writing for Children in the Era of Chinese Exclusion: Yan Phou Lee and When I Was a Boy in China,” Global Nineteenth-Century Studies, 2 (2), pp. 143–63 (Link to article at publisher’s site / link to accepted version (PDF)) 

“The Curious Tale of The Scarlet Empire,” Forthcoming in Utopian Studies.

Courses Taught

· ENGL 110: Introduction to Academic Writing

· FYSU 114: What American Literature Can Teach Us about Race, Equity, and Inclusion (first year seminar)

· ENGL 207: American Literature to the Present

· ENGL 343: American Renaissance

· ENGL 344: Late 19th Century American Literature

· ENGL 349: The American Novel to 1900

· ENGL 350: Mark Twain

· ENGL 362: Assimilation and Americanization in Late 19th c. American Literature

· ENGL 364: 19th century African American Novels

· ENGL 364: “Americans All”: African-, Native-, and Asian-American Literature, 1865-1914

· ENGL 370: American Regionalism

· ENGL 370: American Realism

· ENGL 400: Assimilation and Americanization (Seminar)

· ENGL 450: Mark Twain (Senior Seminar)

· ENGL 499: Bachelor’s Essay

· ENGL 511: Introduction to Graduate English Studies(Graduate)

· ENGL 524: Nineteenth Century American Literature (Graduate)

· ENGL 576/702: American Regionalism (Graduate)

· ENGL 702: Internship in Teaching Composition (Graduate)