Colleen Glenn

Associate Professor and Director of Film Studies

Colleen Glenn is Director of Film Studies and an Associate Professor at the College of Charleston, where she teaches courses in film studies and writing. Glenn’s research interests include star studies, gender studies, and American Cinema. With Rebecca Bell-Metereau, Glenn edited a collection of essays on movie stars entitled Star Bodies and the Erotics of Suffering (Wayne State UP, 2015). Glenn has published articles on Woody Allen, Mickey Rourke, and Jimmy Stewart as well as numerous film reviews. Glenn is currently working on a monograph on Jimmy Stewart and his post-WWII films and their relationship to war trauma.


Ph.D., Film, English with a Specialization in Film Studies, University of Kentucky
M.A., English, Concentration in Film Studies, University of Kentucky
B.A., English, Ohio University

Research Interests

  • Star Studies
  • Gender and Film
  • American Cinema
  • Film History

Courses Taught

  • Cinema: History and Criticism (ENGL 212)
  • Studies in American Film: The Myth of the Road in American Film (ENGL 351)
  • Special Topics in Film: Dreams and the Movies (ENGL 390)
  • Special Topics in Film: Auteur Filmmakers and their Legacies (ENGL 390)
  • Studies in Irish Cinema (ENGL 390)
  • Senior Capstone Course (ENGL 490)
  • Introduction to Academic Writing (ENGL 110)


Star Bodies and the Erotics of Suffering, co-edited with Rebecca Bell-Metereau. Detroit: Wayne State UP, 2015.

“Complicating the Theory of the Male Gaze: Hitchcock’s Leading Men.” The New Review of Television and Film Studies 15.4 (Dec 2017): 496-510.

“Beauty to Beast: The Rebirth of Mickey Rourke,” Star Bodies and the Erotics of Suffering. Eds. Rebecca Bell-Metereau and Colleen Glenn. Detroit: Wayne State UP, December 2015. 55-79.

"The Traumatized Veteran: A New Look at Jimmy Stewart's Vertigo." The Quarterly Review of Film and Video 31.1, 2014: 27-41.

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