Washington, D.C. Semester Program for Democracy, Culture and the Arts

Make Washington your classroom!

College of Charleston's Washington, D.C. Semester Program for Democracy, Culture & the Arts (DCSP) allows students to do more than simply take an internship while going to school.

An aerial view of Hirshhorn Museum.

 While you're living and learning in Washington, you'll: 

  • study relevant coursework. 
  • attend a Washington-focused seminar. 
  • participate in a full-time internship. 
This program is set up to fully integrate your academic work with your personal interests. 

This program is well-suited for students passionate about many subject areas.

  • Art
  • Arts management
  • Arts law
  • Arts and cultural policy
  • Cultural recognition and expression in democracy
  • Cultural preservation
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Arts and cultural advocacy
  • The arts and communication
  • Art and protest
  • Philosophical aesthetics
  • And more!

Interested in learning more? Read more about DCSP on the Hub.

Program Details

The D.C. Semester Program in Democracy, Culture and the Arts is an opportunity for you to gain experience in the extraordinary arts, culture and advocacy organizations of Washington in a structured and supervised way. Working at these institutions while living in the Washington-Metropolitan Area provides unparalleled experiential learning opportunities.
  • Eligibility

    The program is open to all majors, though components of the program count toward majors in African American studies, arts management, philosophy and political science. Each major has different requirements for its internships, so make sure you check The Hub for prerequisite information.

    You must have junior or senior standing at the time the program starts. The program director and an admissions committee will determine if you meet criteria for admission. 

    Students from other institutions are welcome to apply, but College of Charleston students will have priority.

    Applications will be available in August and are due in the early fall semester. Visit The Hub for specifics.

  • Academics

    DCSP's core curriculum includes three components:

    • an internship (6 credits).
    • a seminar (3 credits).
    • an optional Independent Study (3 credits).

    For specifics, visit The Hub

  • Internships

    You are responsible for finding and applying to appropriate internships in a variety of Washington organizations. You will do this in consultation with the director of the D.C. Semester Program. In addition, the Career Center has extensive resources to help you find, apply and prepare for internships.

  • Tuition and Fees

    Students pay their regular on-campus tuition and fees plus an additional program fee. Financial aid and scholarships will apply as usual.

    You will also need to pay for housing for the term. 

  • Application

    Download and complete the application. Send it by email to neufeldja@cofc.edu with the subject heading "DCSP Application."