The Martin Center for Mentorship in Communication

The mission of The Martin Center is to inspire and develop a future generation of leaders and mentors among today’s outstanding communication students, and to foster more robust relationships between those who educate and those who practice in the communications field. 

We seek to accomplish our mission through robust programming and research.

Martin Center Programming

The Center focuses on creating the next generation of communication leaders and honoring those who support their journey.
  • Martin Scholars

    The pMartin Scholars 2022urpose of the Martin Scholars program is to inspire and develop a future generation of leaders among today’s outstanding Communication majors at the College of Charleston. The program develops a select group of senior Communication majors through a combination of exposure to effective communication leaders who serve as mentors and teachers, networking opportunities with Communication alumni and the Department of Communication National Advisory Council members, and experiential learning. 

    Learn more about the Martin Scholars.


  • Mentor-Protégé Program
    Mentor and Protege Meeting

    Our recently re-designed Mentor Protégé program prepares students to succeed in a mentoring relationship through a series of workshops and seminars and then matches them with a mentor from our National Advisory Council and/or our Distinguished Alumni who meets with the student once every 3-4 weeks to discuss personal and professional goals, offer advice and help students network and advance their career connections.

  • Internship Program

     Student Internship

    Internships are an integral part of the growth and development of students professionally. All Communication students are encouraged to complete at least one internship before graduation. The internship course provides guidance, support, and a network of peers to help students navigate the challenges of the professional environment and help them connect what they are learning in the classroom to the work they are doing on-site.

  • Mentoring in the Moment


    Are you an alumnus of the Department of Communication or a current student with a need for some short-term mentoring or guidance? Got a question you just can’t ask your current mentor or boss? Thinking about a career transition? Our Mentor in the Moment program might be for you. This program provides confidential, short-term mentoring from a seasoned communication professional based on your interests and needs. Just send an email to: MartinCenter@Cofc.Edu telling us a little bit about you, what kind of mentoring or advice you need, and how we can best help. We’ll get back to you within the week and connect you with a mentor that can help.


  • Celebration of Mentoring Awards

    Each year the Center celebrates Excellence in Mentoring by recognizing those who are exemplary mentors with three distinct awards.

    • The Distinguished Mentor Award is a lifetime achievement award bestowed upon individuals who have exemplified exceptional mentorship throughout their professional life and dedicated significant time and effort to guiding and nurturing the careers of others in the field of communication. Our inaugural recipient was Mr. Bill Heyman.
    • The Organizational Excellence in Mentoring award is a prestigious accolade presented to institutions, companies or organizations that have demonstrated exceptional commitment to fostering a culture of mentorship in the field of communication. This award recognizes the collective efforts of an entity in providing mentorship programs, resources, and opportunities that have significantly contributed to the growth and development of communication professionals. The first recipient of this award will be announced at the Martin Center Celebration of Mentoring in March 2024.
    • The Emerging Mentor Award celebrates the efforts of young professionals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication and skill in mentoring others in the field of communication. Our first recipient will be honored at the Martin Center Celebration of Mentoring in March 2024.

In addition to our current programming, we have several initiatives under way: 

  • Faculty-led research projects focused on the art and skill of effective mentorship and networking, including in-depth interviews and focus groups with mentors and proteges regarding best practices as well as benchmarking organizations that have proven mentoring programs. 
  • Online resources and modules on mentoring and effective networking including topics such as how to be a good mentor/protégé, and how to network effectively in face to face and virtual environments. 
  • Creating a database of alumni to help provide timely connections between organizations and alumni 
  • Faculty Shadowing program: This program will enable faculty to spend time shadowing members of our National Advisory Council  and other alumni at their place of work to help them understand the changing needs and practices of employers. This program will focus on advancing the faculty members research agenda, improving teaching, and facilitating connections with organizational leaders and alumni.