Pedagogy Program

The purpose of the graduate pedagogy program in communication is to provide students interested in either the teaching and/or coaching profession to develop a greater understanding of and appreciation for the teaching experience.

Goals of the Pedagogy Program

  • teaching
  • observation
  • reflection/critique
  • class management
  • investigation of communication discipline.

To be considered for a graduate pedagogy position, students must complete the following:

  • 15 hours in the master’s program as well as submit a personal goal statement for the teaching experience,
  • An application that includes comfort level and knowledge in different undergraduate courses in communication, and
  • An interview with the program director for the master’s program in communication.

Although the COMM 690: Graduate Pedagogy in Communication requirements may differ by faculty supervisor, graduate students enrolled in the experience will be required to attend the undergraduate class in which they are assigned, generate and grade assignments as well as exams/quizzes, serve as an assistant to the professor in regard to classroom management and student interaction, read existing literature in communication pedagogy, reflect on their experience through a semester-long teaching-based project, and observe various teaching styles throughout their experience.

Students will receive three credit hours for their completion of the independent study experience. The position has a one-term limit, meaning students can only receive credit in communication pedagogy for one semester.