Amanda Ruth-McSwain, PH.D.

Associate Professor


Ph.D. University of Florida

M.S. University of Florida 

B.S. Clemson University

Research Interest

Amanda Ruth-McSwain’s research can be positioned in the broad area of organizational communication, and includes strategic communication, leadership communication and mentoring relationships as streams of investigation. Her research aims to fill in the gaps between professional practice and contemporary study through the organizing question, “how can we establish and maintain relationships with stakeholders in authentic and meaningful ways through effective and informed communication”.


Courses Taught

COMM 216: Principles and Practices in Strategic Communication

COMM 336: Addressing Problems in Context, Media Relations

COMM 480-481: Capstone in Communication, Navigating the 21st Century Workplace

COMM 480-481: Capstone in Communication, The COMM Agency

COMM 520: Communication Campaigns

COMM 569: Leadership Communication


Selected Publications

Knotts, H.G. & Ruth-McSwain, A. (2021, Summer). Talking with Faculty About Service. The Department Chair, 32(1). 

Spolarich, G., Ruth-Mcswain, A., & Lundy, L. (2018). Eating Animals: The influence of food-based narratives. Journal of Applied Communications, 102(1).  

Dorrance, E., Ruth-McSwain, A., & Ferrara, M.H. (2016). Models of health: Exploring memorable messages received from parents about diet and exercise. Journal of Communication in Healthcare, 9(4), doi: 10.1080/17538068.2016.1187892.  

Ruth-McSwain, A. (2012). Eating Green: Newspaper coverage of the Locavore Movement. Journal of Extension, 50(5), 5FEA7.  

Ruth-McSwain, A. (2011). Gatekeeper or peacekeeper: The decision-making authority of public relations practitioners. Public Relations Journal, 5(1).  

Ruth-McSwain, A. & Telg, R. (2009). To bother or not to bother: Relationship development strategies of agricultural communication professionals. Journal of Applied Communications, 93(1/2), pp. 47-60.  

Ruth-McSwain, A. (2009). Penchant for print: Media strategies in communicating agricultural information. Journal of Applied Communications, 93(31/2), pp.19-32.  

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