Welcome to recruiting at the College of Charleston! As an employer, you understand the pivotal role that exceptional individuals play in driving the success and growth of your organization. We are thrilled to connect you with top-tier students who possess the skills, passion, and dedication needed to help your business thrive. Whether you're seeking undergraduate interns, fresh graduates eager to embark on their professional journey, or recent alumni with a dash of experience, our job platform Handshake is designed to streamline the recruitment process and match your company with the best talent available.  Join us in shaping the future of your workforce and unlocking the potential for mutual growth.

Information For Employers

Whether you’re looking to attend a hiring event or connect with our students, the Career Center is here to help.  
  • Post Jobs and Internships

    We have two options for posting jobs.  

    Handshake. Job and Internship board for current College of Charleston students and alumni. This is also the online portal you’ll use for scheduling interviews, information sessions and to register for upcoming career fairs.  

    Alumni Career Center. If you’re looking for more experienced job seekers, our alumni job board is the place for you to start.  

    Interested in learning more about arranging internships? Visit the employer internships page.

  • Career Fairs and Meetups

    Career Fair

    Meet our students where they are and connect with them on campus.  

    Spring 2024 Career Exploration Fair | Thursday, February 29, 2024 from 12-4pm at the Charleston Gaillard Center  

    Experience one of the largest on-campus recruiting events. Expect more than 600 undergraduate and graduate students and recent alumni to participate.  

    Explore: Our college is home to exceptional candidates for internships, co-op programs, part-time positions, and full-time career opportunities.

    Get Discovered: Boost your company's visibility on campus and within the local community by participating in this prestigious event.

    Learn: College of Charleston boasts 67 majors, 81 minors, 21 master’s degree programs across nine schools (Arts; Business; Education; Health Sciences; Humanities & Social Sciences; Languages, Cultures, & World Affairs; Honors College; and The Graduate School.)

    Network: Connect with other industry leaders, faculty, and staff to explore potential collaborations and partnerships.

    View additional details and register on Handshake.

    Industry Meetups  

    Connect with students in a more relaxed networking environment. Students attend meetups to learn more about future career paths and internship opportunities.  

    Pre-Fair Networking Events

    Hospitality and Tourism Networking Event | Wednesday, February 28 from 4-6pm in the School of Business

    Select this option as an add-on when you register for the career fair.  


  • Pop-up Fairs

    A Pop-Up fair is an exciting event that promises to match our exceptional talent to your opportunities by meeting students where they are, right here on campus! As we continue our mission to bridge the gap between education and industry, we believe your presence at this event is pivotal. By participating, you will not only have access to a diverse pool of talented individuals but also gain visibility on campus and reinforce your commitment to nurturing the next generation of professionals.  Our students are eager to engage with forward-thinking organizations and explore the opportunities available to them. Join us to showcase your company, connect with potential candidates, and foster meaningful relationships within our vibrant community.

    Pop-Up Fairs are offered on various dates each semester from 10am-1pm on Cougar Mall, right in the heart of College of Charleston's campus.

    Spring: January, February, March, April

    Fall: September, October, November

    Visit Handshake for available dates and details.

    Spring 2024 Pop-Up Fairs: 

    • Thursday, January 18th 
    • Thursday, January 25th 
    • Tuesday, Februrary 13th 
    • Thursday, February 22nd 
    • Wednesday, March 13th 
    • Monday, April 1st
    • Wednesday, April 17th