Budgeting and Payroll Services

The Office of Budgeting and Payroll Services is a component of Fiscal Services and part of the Division of Business Affairs. It is comprised of three departments: the Budget Office, the Payroll Office and Position Control.

The Budget Office is focused on the development of budgetary procedures; the analysis of existing and proposed programs and financial requirements; the internal budgetary process; the analysis of accounts for deficits and/or surplus funds; and working with program and fund administrators to evaluate budgetary control and provide training.

The Payroll Office manages the actual generation of pay through the payroll process. This includes the review and management of timesheets (hours worked and leave) for non-exempt, temporary and student employees. Additionally, the Payroll Office monitors and manages the pay generated, the distribution of pay, and the remittance of carrier bills, taxes and other deductions.

Position Control is responsible for the management and operation of a position control system, which is the central component of the personnel/payroll system consisting of all state approved FTE (full-time equivalent) positions, faculty and staff, as well as all temporary employees, adjunct faculty and students.