Information Management Minor

Learn about computer-based information systems and how they are used in today's businesses.

Businesses need professionals who understand information technology. A minor in information management can make you a more competitive job candidate. You will grow your skill set with powerful information and data-extraction tools. 

What will I learn?

You will learn how to align information technology with business strategy. You'll study the strategies, issues and best practices. You will gain the skills required to enter a digital workforce. You will learn to analyze, design and manage business processes. This minor is a perfect supplement to any major in today's information-rich society. 

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Program Highlights

The minor is designed for you to learn about computer-based information systems. You will learn how they are used in today's businesses. You will gain the ability to apply technology in ways that improve the efficiency and performance of an organization.
  • Hands-On Learning

    We provide you with the essential skills and understanding to make a difference no matter where you go. You'll work with tools such as Microsoft Excel, Tableau and SAP. You will get hands-on practice to understand how data is managed and used for decision-making.

  • Internships & Careers

    You will increase your job opportunities and earning potential. You will be able to use technology to save an organization time and money. Your skills will set you apart. With your applied tech knowledge, you will be able to apply your classroom knowledge to real life right away! Our students have interned with companies like:
    • Mercedes-Benz Vans.
    • Bosch.
    • Volvo.