Spanish Major

Learn Spanish and gain the cultural fluency you need to be a global citizen.

A Spanish major will give you a competitive edge when applying to work in any industry. You can enter a range of fields from medicine to manufacturing to business. You'll develop skills in critical thinking, problem solving, decision making and listening. Many graduates say that by learning Spanish, their English language and writing skills have improved.

Why study Spanish at the College of Charleston?

Our Spanish program is one of the largest and most comprehensive programs in the Southeast. You'll learn from instructors who specialize in linguistics, translation, literature and film. Immerse yourself in the language and culture. Take part in faculty-led study abroad trips to Cuba, Spain, Chile and Argentina. Live in La Casa Hispana and practice your Spanish language skills daily. 

What will I learn?

You will learn to succeed in a world connected by technology. You'll be ready to participate in a global economy. You'll gain fluency in a language and a culture. The ability to speak Spanish opens doors in any professional field. Your skills will increase your business opportunities and cultural exchange.

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Program Highlights

You will develop a strong foundation in language and cultural communication. You'll learn a global fluency. You'll be ready to successfully join our interconnected world.
  • Hands-On Learning

    There are many opportunities for you on-campus and in the community. You can pursue opportunities to practices your skills through part-time jobs, internships and service learning. Join Spanish as a Heritage Language Distinction, Hispanic Latino Club and Spanish Club. Take part in our academic societies like National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society - Sigma Delta Pi.

    Internship Opportunities
    Internships can further your language skills. You will graduate with concrete skills and professional connections. You'll also gain rewarding real-life experiences. Recent students have interned with organizations like:
    • a Spanish language newspaper.
    • non-profits that work to combat homelessness.
    • clinics dedicated to community outreach and medical care.
  • Study Abroad

    There is no better way to broaden your global vision than studying abroad. You will grow personally and professionally while you improve your Spanish language skills. You may live with a host family and take weekend excursions to historic and cultural sites. Recent programs have traveled to Cuba, Argentina and Spain.

  • Location

    Charleston is the perfect place to study languages. Because we have a large Hispanic/Latino community, there are many opportunities for you to get involved. Meet people who share a unique and valuable connection to Spanish as their native language or as a heritage language. Live with other students in La Casa Hispana and fully immerse yourself in the language.

Careers & Outcomes

Because you'll learn important communication and cultural skills, you may join the workforce or work in academia. You might become a healthcare worker serving a Spanish-speaking population. You may be a real estate agent selling property in Latin America. You might start your own business. Spanish prepares you to enter the workforce in your own community or on the global stage.

About the Minor

The Spanish minor is extremely valuable to any career where you are dealing with people. It is especially relevant if you want to work in a Spanish-speaking country. A minor can create career opportunities at home or abroad.

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