Management Major

Learn how to engage people and manage resources. Solve evolving business challenges.

Understanding people is at the forefront of the management major. How do good managers build high performing cultures? What can managers do to foster inclusivity within organizations? Why do people resist change? These are questions addressed in the management courses at the College of Charleston.

Why study management at the College of Charleston?

Prepare to enter the business world. Our program covers the essential skills for managing and operating a business. You'll receive instruction from world-class faculty. They have real-world experience in fields from organizational neuroscience to corporate sustainability. You'll gain a leader's perspective.

What will I learn?

Become fluent in the four functions of management: planning, organization, leading and controlling. Learn how to manage a team and utilize your resources. You will learn to use a multi-stakeholder perspective in decision-making and strategic thinking. Graduate ready to lead yourself and others in service of shared purpose and goals.

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Program Highlights

We develop globally fluent citizens. Learn how to create innovative solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges. Upon graduation, you will understand human behavior in the workplace and have the skills to work with and manage others.
  • Hands-On Learning
    Learn to see challenges on the horizon and tackle them head-on. Coursework, internships and other hands-on opportunities will give you essential leadership skills. Explore diversity issues within the context of the working environment. These skills and knowledge will make you effective on day one of your new career.
    Study Abroad

    The College offers many study abroad opportunities for management majors to study and learn around the world. You might study business and culture in Brazil or explore destination marketing and management in Iceland. These are just some of the recent programs. Studying management allows you to learn and experience business in a diverse setting.

  • Internship Opportunities

    Internships offer a practical application of classroom knowledge. You also gain networking opportunities and a chance to develop critical skills for future success in the business world. Our students in the past have secured internships with companies like:
    • Butin PR.
    • Mahle Behr.
    • MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital.

  • Location

    We capitalize on the College’s location in the city of Charleston. We have created strategic partnerships and countless opportunities in the region. Prepare for unmatched opportunities for quality experiential learning. You'll learn from exciting internships and guest speakers committed to social impact. Take advantage of studying management in a prime location for career success.

Careers & Outcomes

Entry-level jobs in management are abundant. They can lead to meaningful careers that make a difference. Some careers you might consider include:
  • business development.
  • customer service.
  • human resource management.
  • operations coordinator.
  • project management.

About the Minor

Gain a solid grasp of strategic planning. Understand how to engage a team. Learn important decision-making processes. A minor in management prepares you to climb the ladder of success.

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