Latin American and Caribbean Studies Major

Immerse yourself in the languages, politics and culture of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Study one of the world's most globalized communities and economies. You'll plunge into the literature, history, politics and art of Latin America and the Caribbean. This key region is among the United States' closest neighbors and important trading partners. Connect what you learn in this program to a variety of career paths.

Why study Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the College of Charleston?

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program promotes cultural exchange and interdisciplinary research. Charleston and the Lowcountry have a unique history made up of Amerindian, African and European peoples. The rich cultures here provide opportunities to address today’s most pressing global issues

What will I learn?

Study political relations. Acquire a deeper understanding of language. Learn about international economies. Gain knowledge about complex history. You'll develop your critical thinking, research and writing skills. You'll be able to interpret evidence in a variety of contexts.

Program Highlights

Our program has rigorous coursework with flexible paths. You'll develop critical language and cultural skills. You'll build a foundation for a career working in Latin America, with Latino and Afro-Latino populations at home and in an international context.
  • Hands-On Learning

    This interdisciplinary program features special emphasis on language study. You may study Spanish or Brazilian Portuguese.

    Bachelor's Essay

    You may complete an interdisciplinary Bachelor's Essay. This year-long project synthesizes everything you learned. It shows employers your full potential. You'll gain a truly tailored and independent learning experience!

  • Internship Opportunities

    Our faculty will provide you with networking opportunities. You'll pursue part-time jobs, internships, service learning and volunteering positions. These roles will give you real skills to put on your résumé and will prepare you for your future.

    You can work for an international organization advocating for human rights or work locally to support your community. Recent students have interned for organizations such as La Isla Network and SAF Student Action with Farmworkers.

  • Study Abroad

    You will spend a semester or summer abroad to gain first-hand experience. This will give you the opportunity to be completely immersed linguistically and culturally.

    We sponsor study abroad programs every year. Recent programs have traveled to Brazil, Chile and Argentina. We also offer a unique opportunity to study on-site in Cuba for a semester.

Careers & Outcomes

You'll be ready to work in a range of fields after graduation. You can find a job in areas like:
  • communications.
  • government.
  • nonprofit agencies.
  • international organizations.
  • business.
  • journalism.
  • research and teaching.

About the Minor

Anyone who has an interest in Latin America and the Carribean should consider this minor. It pairs well with majors like:

  • anthropology.
  • history.
  • international business.
  • political science.
  • public health.
  • secondary education.
  • spanish.