International Studies Major

Focus on the political, economic, historic and cultural changes around the world.

Develop a comprehensive perspective on international issues, foreign cultures and societies. Gain the context you need to establish an expert perspective on global issues. Assess political and economic events on a global scale.

Why study international studies at the College of Charleston?

Our program is an interdisciplinary signature academic program of the College. We prepare you to become an international citizen with a global perspective. Learn to analyze vital trends, important issues and international affairs.

What will I learn?

You will learn how to study important international changes and movements. Gain knowledge of a particular region of the world or specialize in studying global issues more generally. Learn a foreign language and gain globally relevant experience. Take part in study or internship abroad programs. 

Program Highlights

Get ready to develop a sophisticated perspective of global issues. You will gain expertise in a particular region of the world. You'll cultivate your foreign language skills. You'll add relevant experience to your education via study or internship abroad programs. Choose from concentrations in Africa, Asia, Europe, Global Studies or Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Hands-On Learning
    You'll have the option to engage in a variety of experiential learning opportunities.
    • Independent studies
    • Bachelor’s Essays
    • The Global Ambassadors program of the Mroz Global Leadership Institute
    • Oral history projects
    • Simulations
    Internship Opportunities

    Our faculty coordinator for career and internship mentoring will help you pursue opportunities. You might intern in fields such as industry, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

  • Study Abroad

    You'll take part in study abroad or internship abroad coursework. You'll live and study in the region of your concentration. You will increase your awareness and understanding of global challenges. Your experiences will help you become a leader of your generation.

  • Senior Project

    You have the option to complete a Bachelor’s Essay. This project spans two semesters and is directed by a faculty member. You will conduct research and compile your findings in an essay that you can use for graduate study or as a showcase piece with future employers.  

Careers & Outcomes

You will graduate ready to join a variety of professions. You'll gain knowledge and skills that are easily transferable. Prepare to work in complex, context-dependent settings. Connect the local and regional to the national and global. Our recent graduates work with or in:
  • charitable organizations.
  • consulting.
  • law.
  • health-related fields.
  • government and international agencies.

About the Minor

The minor introduces you to the international community. This is perfect if you're interested in government, private enterprise or nongovernmental institutions.  

View Curriculum: International Studies Minor