Integrated Studies Major

Design your course of study or complete your education and start your career.

Our program is flexible. You'll gain a top-notch liberal arts education. You'll also create your own personal major. Be creative and build the program that fits your academic and professional needs.

Why study integrated studies at the College of Charleston

You'll have the opportunity to create a customized degree. Combine two minors to develop the skills you need to be successful in the 21st century. You'll choose from more than 80 minors offered by the college. You'll earn a full liberal arts degree by completing the usual 122 hours of coursework. Take advantage of the College's resources and academics to decide what your expertise will be.

What will I learn?

You'll learn flexible and adaptable skills for your chosen career path. You can develop your creative and technical skills in an arts program. You may gain skills in business administration. You might explore skills for health and wellness. You may hone your critical thinking and communication. You may immerse yourself in a foreign language. You may learn to analyze data and solve complex equations. Whatever you learn, you'll learn valuable skills that help you succeed.

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Program Highlights

In your senior year, you will complete a Senior Synthesis Seminar. You will create a project that demonstrates the culmination of your custom major. Integrate what you have learned in your two areas of study to create an electronic portfolio. Your portfolio will showcase everything you have learned in your program of study. You'll demonstrate the perspectives, knowledge and skills you learned in multiple disciplines. Past student projects have answered questions like:
  • how should we take care of people who can’t take care of themselves?
  • should we have a living wage?
  • are human beings well-suited to democracy?

Careers & Outcomes

Your unique course of study will reflect your unique career path. An integrated studies major is flexible, so it is suitable for a range of careers. You'll develop a breadth of knowledge for professional life.