French and Francophone Studies Major

Study French language, culture and history to understand Western civilization.

French is a global language. It's the second most taught foreign language in the world. The French cultural, economic and diplomatic influence is felt across the world. This program prepares you for a range of careers or graduate school.

Why study French and Francophone studies at the College of Charleston?

Our program is nationally recognized. Develop your skills in French, history, research and more. We offer a number of study abroad programs. You can immerse yourself in French language and culture on campus. Mingle with other students at department-led events like La Table Ronde. Live in our on-campus housing and learning community, La Maison Française.

What will I learn?

You will gain fluency in the language and cultures of the French-speaking world. Our students don't just study the language, but the literature, history and culture too. Gain analytical and critical thinking skills. Develop a deeper appreciation of other peoples and cultures. Participate in cultural events that help you pursue your real-world goals.

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Program Highlights

You'll learn to speak and write the French language at an advanced level. You'll understand literature and evaluate important texts. You can participate in our study abroad programs in France and Italy. You may become a member of the National French Honor Society or Pi Delta Phi. You may join our active French and Italian Clubs.
  • Hands-On Learning

    You have many opportunities to immerse yourself in French language and cultures. Live in La Maison Française and improve your conversational skills. Increase your understanding of French and Francophone cultures through house activities. Join French club and take part in movie nights, cooking lessons, conversational meetups and more.

    Senior Project

    The Bachelor's Essay is a year-long project. You'll write your project in French. It is an independent research essay that highlights everything you've learned. It prepares you for both graduate school and life beyond the classroom.

  • Study Abroad

    We sponsor many study abroad programs. Study abroad is a key way to expand your knowledge of French language and Francophone cultures. Recent programs have taken place in locations like:
    • Paris, France.
    • La Rochelle, France.
    • Morocco.

  • Faculty Expertise

    You will receive instruction from gifted faculty members. You'll take courses from credentialed faculty in French or Italian. Our professors are experts in law, business, film, economics and more. You'll gain a global and interdisciplinary perspective. They'll prepare you to address the social, economic, environmental, ethical, scientific and political issues of the 21st century.

Careers & Outcomes

Foreign language goes with everything! You'll gain the ability to speak in French and to understand Francophone cultures. These skills prepare you for success for many professional and academic pursuits. Many graduates pursue careers in:
  • the arts.
  • diplomacy.
  • economics.
  • international business.
  • law.
  • medicine.
  • politics.
  • teaching.

About the Minor

The French minor is extremely valuable to any career where you are dealing with people. It is especially important if you want to puruse a career in a French-speaking country. Understanding the language can be what sets you apart from other candidates.