Finance Major

Develop an understanding of how money works.

Thrive in a wide spectrum of industries. Learn how to guide financial decisions for individuals, governments and businesses. You'll understand real-world financial markets.

Why study finance at the College of Charleston?

The College's diverse faculty interact directly with students. You won't find teaching assistants in our classrooms. Everything you learn as a finance major will be used in your career. We've tailored our curriculum to real world examples. You’ll be well prepared for a successful future career.

What will I learn?

As a finance major, the money is in your hands. You will learn real-world business tactics: manage assets, raise capital and allocate funds. Become “ready to work” with practical classes ranging from international finance to banking management. You'll be ready for internships and post-grad careers at top companies. 

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Program Highlights

Discover a wide spectrum of industries from banking to consulting and public finance to real estate. You'll be ready to work or prepared for graduate school.
  • Hands-On Learning

    The classroom is your laboratory with our School of Business Investment Program. Prove your textbook knowledge with real money. Students trade and manage funds and engage in public and private investment activity. Thi is the perfect stepping stone to your future on Wall Street.

    Internship Opportunities

    Land a role at a top company as a finance major. We'll encourage you to pursue an internship during your junior and senior years. Recent students have interned with impressive companies such as Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Northwestern Mutual and more.

  • Senior Project

    Complete your senior year with something to show future employers. You will design your own project with your bachelor’s essay. Completed in the fall or spring of your senior year, each bachelor’s essay is tailored to your financial interests. Partner with professors of your choosing to showcase your understanding of finance. 

  • Location

    You can grow your finance career right here in the Lowcountry. Our graduates join top companies like The Palmetto Group and KD Capital Management. Many finance students land opportunities right on the peninsula, so you can walk from the classroom to the office

Careers & Outcomes

After graduating with a finance degree, you will have many career opportunities. Choose to be an account manager at an investment firm, a coveted financial advisor or anything in between. Before you know it, you’ll be chief financial officer.

About the Minor

The minor is a great add-on for those with an interest in the big picture of business and financial systems.

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