Economics Major

A major in economics has everything you need for an exciting career.

An economics major can lead to any career. You'll develop important analytical and critical thinking skills. You will learn how to consider the most important economic concerns of the 21st century. You'll understand how people, businesses, governments and others make decisions with limited resources.

Why study economics at the College of Charleston?

You'll reach your goals through innovative teaching methods and real-world experiences. Our economics program prepares you to work in fields such as:
  • banking.
  • manufacturing.
  • insurance.
  • retail.

What will I learn?

An economics degree combines the best of business and liberal arts courses. You'll gain new perspectives and important communication, critical thinking and quantitative skills. You'll be ready for your career in a variety of fields and industries.

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Program Highlights

If you’re curious about the world around you, economics is for you. You'll study the global markets, consumer behavior and economic development. You may also study environmental economics, politics, gambling, public policy and more. Join the Economics Club and the international Economics honor society, Omicron Delta Epsilon.
  • Hands-On Learning

    The economics program at the School of Business uses innovative teaching methods. You'll have many opportunities for hands-on research and real-world experience. You may become active in the Center for Public Choice and Market Process. The Center is a focuses on economic issues by bringing speakers to the College and hosting events.

    Internship Opportunities

    An economics degree prepares you for a wide range of professional opportunities. In the past, students have interned with organizations such as:
    • the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond.
    • the Bipartisan Policy Center.
    • Eagles Coast Capital LLC.
  • Bachelor's Essay

    You have the option to complete a bachelor's essay. The bachelor's essay is a year-long research and writing project. You may complete this project during your senior year. You'll work closely with a tutor and faculty members from the department. This project will prove to future employers your full potential.

  • Location

    The city of Charleston is an exceptional environment for studying economics. You'll be able to analyze real-world economics in your own backyard. The city’s diverse economy encompasses sectors such as:
    • tourism.
    • manufacturing.
    • finance
    • technology.

Careers & Outcomes

If you have a passion for understanding the world around you, pursuing economics is an ideal choice. Your potential career will include roles like analysts, financial center leads, investment managers and solutions consultants. Our alumni have secured positions at renowned companies such as:
  • Nike.
  • Pepsi.
  • UPS.
  • Vanguard.
  • Wells Fargo.

About the Minor

A minor in economics is a good choice for you if you're interested in the environment, politics, public policy or economics itself. A minor in economics can also pair well with a majors such as:
  • business administration.
  • communication.
  • environmental and sustainability studies.
  • international business.
  • sociology.

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