Computer Science Major

Invent and build innovate solutions to every day problems.

Technology touches so many aspects of our lives, from how we shop, to the shows we watch, to how we interact with businesses and each other. These skills are in high demand by employers in every industry.

Why study computer science at the College of Charleston? 

Our Harbor Walk facility is a high-tech playground that connects you to companies like Booz Allen Hamilton, Boeing and Bosch. Choose to major in computer science in a city with established tech companies and start-ups. Discover internship opportunities with industry partners in the region. Connect with faculty excited to be your mentor. Help shape the future of technology and our society.

What will I learn? 

The computer science program provides students with strong technical foundations in theory, algorithmic programming and software engineering, mathematics and science. You'll study software development and object-oriented programming languages. 

You can earn a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science in computer science. 

Computer Science, B.A.
Provides you with a solid foundation in the fundamental areas of computer science, but permits a greater variety of elective courses. 

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Computer Science, B.S.
Provides you with the fundamental principals and techniques of computer science, mathematics and scientific inquiry. This major is equal parts theory and practice. 

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Program Highlights

Our program boasts a strong mix of hands-on laboratory and theoretical classes. The result is a personalized and exceptional educational experience. You'll have so many opportunities to participate in undergraduate research with your professors. Consider completing an industry-supervised capstone project.
  • Hands-on Learning

    The College has seven research labs on campus to complement coursework. When you mix hands-on laboratory experiences with theoretical coursework, you get relevant experience to add to your résumé and something to talk about in your job interviews. 

    Internship Opportunities

    We help you network and make connections with industry representatives. You'll develop strong connections with global brands as well as government agencies and local industries. Computer science students also enjoy internship opportunities through the School of Business.

    Former students have interned with organizations like:

    • Capgemini.
    • Boeing.
    • Bosch.
    • Mercedes-Benz Vans.
    • Volvo.
    Study Abroad

    Along with the Department of Hispanic Studies, we co-sponsor a study abroad opportunity in Trujillo, Spain. Spend your summer practicing your Spanish and computer science skills.

  • Senior Project

    This semester-long senior capstone enables you to synthesize what you have learned. You'll have input and guidance from an industry client and a faculty supervisor. Once you complete the capstone, you'll have a project to showcase to future employers!

  • Location

    With more than 400 tech companies in the region, there are numerous opportunities to engage. That's why they call Charleston the Silicon Harbor. Aerospace, automotive, logistics and software/IT jobs dominate the region.

Careers & Outcomes

You may want to continue your studies in graduate school. If you're ready to jump into the workforce, you can expect to find a job in areas like: 

  • software development and engineering.
  • systems architecture.
  • information security.

About the Minor

Many jobs require some coding skills, and a minor in computer science can give you those skills - and an advantage when you enter the workforce. 

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