Communication Major

Learn how to write clearly, speak eloquently and message effectively.

Study communication, and you'll be able to connect with others, share stories and inspire action. These skills are the bedrock of the media, journalism and public relations industries. When you're able to communicate well, you’ll become a leader no matter your chosen profession. 

Why study communication at the College of Charleston? 

Our students publish media, work with clients across the vibrant city of Charleston, and study intercultural communication abroad. The professionals on our renowned National Advisory Council mentor students before and after graduation. As our students create content for Charleston’s famous Wine + Food Festival or tour international headquarters, they become skilled messengers. 

What will I learn? 

You’ll learn how to better understand the countless messages you receive every day and how to better craft your own. As you do, you’ll improve your writing, speaking, media, and research skills. These skills matter to employers, and they matter to democracy itself. In a world full of more communication from more sources than ever, effective and ethical messaging is more important than ever. 

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Program Highlights

We emphasize writing, speaking, research and media to provide you with a versatile education. You'll study fields like journalism, public relations and politics. You'll connect with our National Advisory Council, intern with prestigious organizations, set sail abroad and more.
  • Hands-on Learning

    Build skills in strategic communication, media and journalism. Work with clients on communication problems and publish work for real-world audiences. Travel to communication hubs like Atlanta, Washington D.C. and New York to connect with professionals.

    Internship Opportunities

    Through elective, for-credit internships, you'll gain invaluable professional experience. Practice your skills up and down the east coast through remote work with New York PR agencies and summer internships on Capitol Hill. Take advantage of Charleston’s bustling media, arts, events and hospitality and tourism scenes. Our faculty are here to guide you every step of the way.

    Study Abroad

    Travel with a faculty-led program to places like:

    • Italy.
    • Spain.
    • Ireland.
    • Poland.
    • The Czech Republic.

    You'll learn about intercultural communication, culinary traditions, political messaging and more. By enrolling in a department-led program, you can enjoy a unique abroad experience while progressing in your program.

  • Senior Project

    As a major you'll experience a one-of-a-kind senior capstone. Spanning two semesters, these capstones bridge curriculum and the world beyond. Choose classes with topics from across the communication world - from journalism to strategic communication to media to leadership. Then, complete your project. You may produce investigative podcasts, publish in-depth journalism, plan massive events and even go abroad.

  • National Advisory Council

    Access top-tier communications professionals in the fields of media, journalism, public relations, marketing, politics and more. Connect with industry leaders from places like ABC News, UPS, and the US Department of Energy. 

    These industry leaders mentor our students, host them on trips, and come to campus once a semester to lead presentations and panels. Many of them are Charleston Communication alumni, and all of them are passionate about helping our students find their way.  

    Mentor-Protégé Program

    The Mentor-Protégé Program connects selected students with a member of the National Advisory Council. The mentor will guide, coach and teach you as you grow in your professional career. 

Careers & Outcomes

Our alumni have found careers in a range of professions.

  • Journalism
  • Media
  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Entertainment
  • Social advocacy
  • Politics

About the Minor

A communication minor pairs perfectly with almost every other program of study. It's critical that you learn to share your ideas effectively. This minor provides you with a solid foundation in communication tools like writing, research and public speaking.

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