Film Studies Minor

We live in an image-saturated world. Film Studies prepares you to understand the way modern messages are created and shared.

Film Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that focuses on the history, theory and criticism of cinema. You will study individual films as important and highly influential works of art. You will learn to understand them as complex and contested cultural artifacts, and as products of an ever-changing technology circulating within an increasingly globalized marketplace.

What will I learn?

In addition to honing critical thinking and analytical skills, you will learn about the formal elements of film (such as cinematography, editing, and sound) and about film history and theory. You will also explore various international cultures through film and learn about the transnational dimensions of the movie industry. Courses in screenwriting and digital production will give you hands-on experience and insight into how scripts and movies are produced.

Whatever your aspirations, Film Studies can be an excellent complement to the rest of your academic program and can open doors to careers in film and media production as well as enhance opportunities in a wide range of careers.

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