Crime, Law, and Society Minor

If you're fascinated by the world of crime, study the origins of criminal behavior and societies' legal responses.

You can't watch Netflix, Hulu or YouTube today without coming across a show like Law & Order or NCIS—a show about crime, murder and the people who catch the bad guys. But what you see on those slick shows isn't always an accurate portrayal of the legal system or the criminal world. If you want to know what really goes on in this realm, consider the crime, law, and society minor.

What will I learn?

You will take courses in a broad range of subjects like sociology, political science, psychology, anthropology and history. You will gain the knowledge and experiences you need to understand the origins of criminal behavior. You'll examine the consequences of crime for society. You will analyze the legal responses that societies develop to combat crime.

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Program Highlights

Our program is flexible which makes it the perfect complement for many majors. Many of our students major in a social science, natural science or other prominent and marketable discipline. You will develop applicable skills and knowledge. You may focus on a specific field related to crime or the law such as forensics or law enforcement.
  • Hands-On Learning

    You will have many hands-on experiences. You'll have the opportunity to apply what you learned in the classroom to real-life circumstances. You may take part in a study abroad program.

    Internship Opportunities

    The internship is the capstone for the minor and is usually completed during your senior year. You may complete an international internship or a local one. 

  • Location

    Charleston is an ideal place to study crime, law and victim services. Our urban campus is in a medium-sized, historically rich and culturally diverse city. This offers so many opportunities to learn. 

    You will have safe and walkable access to nationally-recognized and award-winning law enforcement agencies, law offices, court houses, government services and more.

  • Internships & Careers

    Students have interned with law enforcement, law offices and social services. Many of our graduates also go on to law school or graduate school to study forensics, criminal justice or criminology. Our students have also gone on to work with organizations like:
    • Charleston Police Department.
    • South Carolina Department of Social Services.
    • Dee Norton Child Advocacy Center.
    • South Carolina Office of Juvenile Justice.
    • Victim services.