British Studies Minor

It’s true, you don’t have to be an aficionado of punk music, Victorian literature or fallen empires to appreciate — and benefit from — British studies.

Britain was, and remains, one of the most influential nations in terms of science, literature, politics, theatre, film and so many other areas. If you’re interested in economics, London is the world’s financial capital. If you’re interested in physics, the history of that field is firmly entwined in British history. Name nearly any discipline and there’s some British connection that can lead you to a better understanding of that field. You will examine the influence Britain has had on American society and beyond. You'll also study the reciprocal impact that other places, nations and ethnicities have had on British culture.

What will I learn?

You will deepen your understanding of British culture from the beginning of its history to the present. You'll take courses from a range of subjects such as the arts, humanities and social sciences. You'll develop important critical thinking, analytical and communication skills. You may study topics like modern musical movements, political systems or religious denominations. You may also explore theatre, film, business and many other subjects. You will study the ways the British identity manifests in Britain and the former British Empire. You'll also analyze how the British identity has evolved in the European Union and the global community.

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Program Highlights

Select from a list of elective courses to build your own academic program to learn about British culture. Follow your interests to explore its history, its literature, its music and its politics. You may focus on your favorite topics in order to develop your skills. You may explore the novels of Jane Austen, the music of The Beatles or the feminist activism of the Suffragettes.

The British Studies minor provides many hands-on learning experiences. You may study or travel abroad. Most minors join a summer program or enroll in a full semester at a British university.